Crossbow-Isle: Ithilhin Moonchild Part 1 Irefenia Salgonda

ISBN: 9781463707620

Published: September 1st 2011


302 pages


Crossbow-Isle: Ithilhin Moonchild Part 1  by  Irefenia Salgonda

Crossbow-Isle: Ithilhin Moonchild Part 1 by Irefenia Salgonda
September 1st 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 302 pages | ISBN: 9781463707620 | 5.61 Mb

Crossbow-Isle About four-thousand-years ago, the Elven Planet Phaethon was deliberately destroyed in a fiery inferno and a large number of its inhabitants were stranded between the times. From within this void, time did not anymore appear as a consecutive string of events but allowed their minds to access one of the many realities that are attributed to each planet. The lass Ithilhin or Moonchild was born and lived in one of those accessible Realities of planet Earth on a place called Crossbow Isle.

Here, Ithilhin, the Moonchild was raised by elves that somehow had come to that island as well. As the ripples of the event that had led to the destruction of Phaeton bounce back and strike the reality where Crossbow Isle is located, another part of the plot unfolds, coercing Ithilhin and her friends into an intriguingly planned plot, which is spiced with countless mantraps, hilarious to gut-wrenching situations and deadly fights that eventually will guide them to an event that changes this universe and its realities and reverses the adverse influences of the One who had caused the destruction of Phaethon.

However, not yet they are able to influence the effects on the planet that the One had isolated and occupied for himself, - the people, and world he had changed to his liking - Earth! Ithilhin Moonchild Ithilhins mother had died under mysterious circumstances and Morgan her grandmother, who is also the healer of the little village named Willowbee, had given the infant into the care of the Ithilquessir.

Shortly before Ithilhins 13th birthday, which is also the day when she receives a powerful Elvenstone and her magical talents, she returns to Morgan. That time, events begin to manifest that appear to be quite normal but clandestinely, they are often controlled by other beings. At the same time, a vicious situation that had been brewing for long aggravates in the north-farthings of Crossbow Isle, instigated by an apparently greedy and insane Liegelord whose marauding gangs devastating the land in search of an ancient secret.

As the escalation threatens to spill all over the island, Ithilhin and her friends are forced to take action. They need to help the people that had lost everything but their lives. However, the deeper they dig, the more surprises surface and it becomes clear, - matters are by far more complicated than they had looked in the first place.

Lastly, Ithilhin, now called by her human name Enyana, has to deal with the situation. Despite the mighty powers that literally had fallen into her hands, she is not allowed to harm her adversary or else, she would lose her powers and talents. It turns out to be a very tough challenge for a child, which requires much skill, intuition, a cunning mind and - an ancient being. Solving that case without harming the culprit brings those involved to the brink of their abilities.

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